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    EIFS In New York

    NYC EIFS Repair and Installation Company What Is EIFS Stucco?

    EIFS is short for Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems, and is also sometimes referred to as synthetic stucco. This is an exterior finishing system that has multiple layers. Its beginnings are traced back to Europe, when buildings needed repair after World War II. EIFS was used to repair concrete, brick or stone buildings.

    The EIFS system later came to North America, and was also used to finish wood frame houses and commercials buildings. 

    Where Is It Ideal to Use EIFS Stucco?

    A stucco home is beautiful and stands out from the more bland choice of vinyl siding. EIFS is a high-performance home cladding for both moisture and thermal control, when compared to traditional stucco, brick or fiberboard. It’s also an ideal system for energy conservation, and you can choose from many different colors and textures.

    Your EIFS system can last up to 50 years or more when it’s installed properly by certified stucco contractors. However, EIFS is better suited to dry, hot climates, such as the southern United States. It doesn’t fare as well in cold, rainy parts of the country.

    To find out more about EIFS stucco, contact us and make plans to create your beautiful stucco home today.

    When deciding what kind of covering to put on a home or commercial building, the term “EIFS stucco” is often part of the discussion.

    But what is EIFS stucco, and what are its advantages and disadvantages over other forms of siding?

    Let’s take a look at EIFS stucco so you can better understand this unique building covering.

    Compared to the hard coat methods of stucco repair, this particular method is very different. However, many have found that it is highly useful, despite being different. This method, unlike the previous two, does not utilize a hard coat. Furthermore, it utilizes an adhesive to ensure that the thin layers included stick together. And, unlike the other two types of stucco repair options, this stucco design uses a synthetic finish, which assists in keeping water out. 

    The other two types primarily focus on allowing some water in and having a system that allows for the evaporation or weeping of water. However, this particular stucco design focuses on keeping any moisture out and instead focuses on utilizing active insulation methods. Typically speaking, this type of stucco method is best known for being a better insulator, making it a great choice for those who are concerned with the insulation methods in their building. 

    Furthermore, in many cases, this type of stucco in nyc will hold up longer, as it does not rely on hard coats and therefore may be easier to repair, depending on the damage. In some cases, special EIFS systems allow for a water management system that assists in removing any water that ends up in the system itself, which also makes it a preferred system for some individuals.​

    How NYC Exterior Insulating and Finishing Systems Are Constructed

    The primary construction of an nyc EIFS system is through the use of adhesives. To begin with, thick, sturdy foam board is used. Then, a layer of adhesives is used to attach several layers of insulating material. These insulating materials are commonly referred to as substrates and are packed together to make a thick, insulating wall, that works as a barrier to keep moisture out. 

    However, of course, this is not foolproof – some advanced EIF systems include what is known as a barrier base. These bases allow any moisture that happens to get trapped within the stucco design to be removed with relative ease, which assists in the longevity of the stucco itself. 

    In many cases, this method of stucco repair lasts for quite some time, as it does not absorb moisture. Typically speaking, this is a sturdy nyc stucco that will hold up against the cold NYC winters, which many may find important in the long run. It requires less repair work, meaning it is more cost effective, eventually. 

    NYC EIFS Repair and Installation Company What Is EIFS Stucco?

    As with any form of stucco wall, it is important to consider the advantages and disadvantages associated with this particular type of material. NYC stucco repair can be expensive, and therefore it is important to ensure that you consider what truly matters to you before investing in stucco repair. 


    This method of nyc stucco house repair is relatively quick and is highly efficient, making it a great choice for those who are concerned with price and time.

    Ultimately, as there are several different methods to this form of nyc stucco repair that can be used and adapted based on your needs, this method can be sturdy and last quite some time.

    Because of the unique way this particular nyc stucco design is repaired, many find it to be a great choice as the longevity means fewer repairs in the future.


    The upfront cost for this form of stucco repair in nyc can be relatively costly, as it is a complex system.

    In some cases, keeping the moisture out of the stucco can be difficult, making this a less than optimal choice for some individuals.

    How Do I know if NYC EIFS Is Right For Me?

    Typically speaking, this is a more advanced system. As it is one of the newer stucco systems available, however, it is often considered a great method as it has been vastly improved upon. If you are looking for a solution that will ultimately be cost-effective while also maintaining its original integrity, this is likely a fantastic option for you. Furthermore, if you are looking for a solution that is capable of keeping moisture out of the walls, this is a fantastic solution for your stucco design. 

    In most cases, this is a highly recommended method of stucco repair in  NYC as it has been proven to be very weather resistant, making it a great choice in the Brooklyn area for your basic stucco repair needs. Stucco exterior wall repair like this is necessary to consider, and this may be a great solution if you are looking for a moisture-free option.