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Who does stucco near me?

Stucco is a beautiful way to finish off a building, whether it’s a home, apartment, office or commercial building. Stucco is primarily used on external walls but can be used to highlight interior finishes as well.

Stucco installation is not as straightforward as it looks. It must be done properly or risk sloppy application, incorrect protection and potentially shorter life of the stucco itself. When you’re looking for an exterior insulation and finish system (EIFS) contractor, you need to be sure to get the experts. 

That’s because stucco installation involves mixing the substances properly before application begins. The next step is proper application of the product, so you have to be sure to find EIFS contractors who know what they’re doing. 

Modern stucco is typically made from a mix of sand and Portland cement. Stucco contractors in Brooklyn can also add lime, or water, or mix additives such as fibers or synthetic acrylics, providing extra strength and flexibility. 

Color can be added to the stucco to meet every design desire. EIFS contractors can also provide different textures to change the look and feel of the stucco. 

Stucco provides benefits as well. EIFS stucco insulates the building and provides weather protection, vital in Brooklyn and the NYC area. With weather conditions that vary from extreme heat and humidity to rains to cold weather and snow, having an efficient and effective EIFS system is vital. The ability to choose from a selection of colors, textures and styles is a bonus.

If you’re wondering who does stucco near me? – the answer is our stucco contractors Brooklyn team at Brick Pointing Pros. Whatever type of texture, color, wall coating or stucco work that’s needed, we will exceed your expectations. Whether it’s a home remodeling, a building renovation, or wall repair work, our attention to detail ensures satisfied customers. We can handle every type of stucco installation.