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    New York City features beautiful architecture and buildings, and maintaining those buildings requires expertise and care. If you’re looking for a company with stucco know-how, look no further than NYC Stucco Repair Pros. We have the experience, knowledge and tools that make us the top stucco contractors in NYC.

    Whether you’re looking to finish your house in stucco for the first time, or you want to repair an existing stucco cladding, our expert installers can give you advice on choosing the finish that’s right for your structure.

    Stucco is an excellent choice for siding for homes, apartments and commercial buildings. It’s durable, adds character to a house or other structure, and can withstand the elements. It can also add a personal touch with a choice of colors and finishes. 

    We can install traditional stucco or what’s known as an External Insulation and Finishing Systems (EIFS), another choice for your structure. EIFS Stucco is a layered system that provides protection and insulation.

    We can also repair existing stucco structures, such as handling stucco repair cracks, refinishing a tired stucco exterior wall, or removing an existing finish and adding stucco or EIFS instead. Stucco repair requires proper expertise and the right tools. When you’re searching for a stucco repair contractor, remember NYC Stucco Repair Pros.

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    Dave Adams
    Dave Adams
    NYC Stucco Repair Pros has such a professional crew of contractors for the quality work that they did for my house in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. It was such a pleasure to see the team work on the stucco repair project as they were so efficient in handling their paint and assuring safety in their workplace, so much so that all my expectations of them were practically met. I would also like into account that communication with them is great because of how responsive they are, to the point that getting a fair estimate from them is really easy.
    Edward Zek
    Edward Zek
    The team of contractors from NYC Stucco Repair Pros was such a pleasure to work with as they exceeded my expectations with the stucco repair project they did for my house in Kensington, Brooklyn. Communication with their office crew was really great making the estimate for a fair price really easy to get, them being responsive as they were was really appreciated. The work they did was more than exceptional, they were absolutely efficient as they aimed for quality to the dot. Even the choice of paint they recommended was top of the line. I highly recommend their services!
    Alice Nathaniel
    Alice Nathaniel
    NYC Stucco Repair Pros were so efficient in waterproofing plus repairing the stucco and paint in my work building in Glendale, Queens. The quality of the work their contractors did was top notch, the results were almost unrecognizable with the surrounding color which showed just how much attention they gave to detail. Even their company office crew which I contacted before hiring was great, as they were very responsive to my needs and quickly gave me an estimate for the project. They are the first company I'd contact if ever the need arises again. Good job by them!
    Roscoe Teramoto
    Roscoe Teramoto
    My house in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn needed some new paint or rather stucco and thankfully NYC Stucco Repair Pros helped me with some amazing results. Their company office was more than responsive to my queries about the estimate for the project and said they would be glad to send a crew my way. The contractors that came were so friendly, professional and most of all efficient in their work. The color they set was to my taste and they even went as far as waterproofing it for future maintenance. This company is one I'll lean on for similar services in the future. Keep up the good work guys!
    Whittington Dick
    Whittington Dick
    Thank goodness I found NYC Stucco Repair Pros to do my stucco repair project for my house in Midwood, Brooklyn because I wouldn't know what to do if I didn't. Their office crew was really responsive about the price of the work and getting an estimate was really easy. The contractors who came only needed to know what color I wanted and they went to work. They were really efficient with how they handled paint without compromising the surrounding and made sure waterproofing was clean and quick. The results were nothing short of immaculate. If I ever need stucco repair services again in the future, these guys are definitely the first I'll call.
    Eric Button
    Eric Button
    NYC Stucco Repair Pros and their contractors were an immense help to the stucco repair project for my home in Ocean Hill, Brooklyn. I first heard about them from my office and the news about their crew did not disappoint. When they came to do the job, they were efficient about their resources, extra careful with their paintwork or color, and were pretty responsive to our queries. Not to mention that they were very quick and accurate about their estimate, they also went the extra mile in waterproofing the materials. Suffice to say that the results were nothing short of exemplary. If I had any concerns about stucco repair in the future, these guys would be the ones I'd call.
    armandoo Mamoun
    armandoo Mamoun
    NYC Stucco Repair Pros has undoubtedly increased our sales because of the work that they did to our shops' stucco in Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn; especially on the color of the molding of our building. They have definitely made our jobs better by attracting more customers through the fantastic job that they did making our shop look like a product of art. It was a pleasure to have them, especially with their professional demeanor in the workplace. If anyone was to need stucco contractors, this company is their best bet. Highly recommend!
    Kenneth Kevin
    Kenneth Kevin
    NYC Stucco Repair Pros did wonderful jobs on our shop, especially for our molding in Borough Park, Brooklyn. We noticed that our sales had gone down and thought it was our product, it turns out the exterior stucco and color of our shop were degrading and needed repairs. So we put the professional stucco contractors to work. NYC Stucco Repair Pros were a pleasure to work with and when they were done the shop looked like art. They did such a good job that I had them do my house next. Such respectful and professional people they were, I absolutely recommend them.
    Eric King
    Eric King
    NYC Stucco Repair Pros did an absolutely great job on my house in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. I first saw them repair and color the stucco of the molding in the building where I work. The stucco in my house also needed repairing so I thought why not increase their sales and hire them? When their crew arrived on the dot, they were very professional and immediately went in to do their jobs. It was a pleasure to witness and by the time they were done my house looked like a product of art. They are such great people and I absolutely recommend them.
    Bonusery Team (Bonusery)
    Bonusery Team (Bonusery)
    Flat roof of our house started to leak and it ruined stucco on one of the sides of the house....decided to go with this guys for full eifs stucco repair. Job was done according to the given estimate and on time.

    About Us

    ​​NYC Stucco Repair Pros are the top stucco repair contractor in NYC. We are certified applicators of traditional stucco siding, as well as External Insulation and Finishing Systems (EIFS), a layered system that provides protection and insulation.

    We will work with you to evaluate your existing stucco siding, or other finish on your building, to determine the best choice for new stucco installation. We can give you options that look great, fit your budget and protect your structure for years to come.

    We can also handle any type of exterior stucco repair, making your home, apartment building or commercial structure look new again. 

    The next time you need to search for “stucco repair near me,” remember the top stucco contractors at NYC Stucco Repair Pros.

    Our Services

    Three Primary Types of Stucco

    If you’re thinking about new siding or a new covering for your home, apartment, office building or commercial structure, stucco is an excellent option. Stucco provides a durable finish to any structure, while also adding beauty and value. 

    Stucco has a multitude of texture and color options that will brighten up a building and add curbside appeal. It will also protect your structure from inclement weather and the elements of New York City.  When installed properly, stucco will provide a solid shield on your building.  And, there are actually three primary types of stucco from which to choose: Traditional stucco, modern stucco, and EIFS stucco. 

    Let’s take a look at these three choices

    1. Traditional Stucco

    Also known as three coat stucco, this type is, as its name implies, the traditional method of applying stucco. It’s prepared using Portland cement, limestone, sand, and water.

    The first step is a base layer of mesh and paper, followed by two coats of stucco, applied most often using special trowels: a scratch coat (step two), and a brown coat (step three). 

    A final top coat finishes off the traditional stucco application, although the finishing coat isn’t considered one of the steps, since any type of application has to include a top coat.

    The traditional stucco application can be finished off with textures and colors that make it unique to your home or building.

    2. Modern Stucco

    Modern or one coat stucco utilizes a Styrofoam backing in place of the scratch coat used in three coat stucco. The foam board is covered by a blend of Portland cement with sand and fibers. The foam board provides insulation and reduces the time needed between coats of stucco. The final top coat added can also be customized with different textures and colors.

    Modern or one coat stucco utilizes a Styrofoam backing in place of the scratch coat used in three coat stucco. The foam board is covered by a blend of Portland cement with sand and fibers. The foam board provides insulation and reduces the time needed between coats of stucco. The final top coat added can also be customized with different textures and colors.

    3. Exterior Insulation and Finishing System stucco

    EIFS stucco is different from one coat and three coat stucco installation in that it combines synthetic layers to cover a building. 

    Typically there are six layers, bringing together a water-resistant base coat, insulation boards, a base of acrylic or polymer cement, a mesh reinforcement, and a textured finish or top coat.

    There are pros and cons to each type of stucco, depending on your situation. If you’re looking for the top Stucco Contractors to help determine what you need, contact NYC Stucco Repair Pros to work with you and create a beautiful new finish to your home.

    Traditional Stucco, Three Coat Stucco

    One of the top choices when it comes to stucco is what’s called Traditional Stucco. In fact, this is what people are often referring to when they discuss stucco.

    Traditional stucco is a three-coat system that covers the building, and uses a mix of Portland cement, limestone powder, sand, and water. This type of stucco system can be applied new, or it can be used to handle stucco repair on exterior walls. 

    To apply traditional stucco, a base mesh is first affixed to the walls, ceilings or other surfaces. This wire mesh is then covered with two coats of the stucco mixture, applied using a trowel, and a final application of the finish coat. 

    So the mesh or wire base is step one, which is covered by a scratch coat (step two), and a brown coat (step three). Then it’s all finished by a top coat, which isn’t counted as one of the steps, since it has to be applied on any type of wall covering.

    The wire and paper base looks like a type of chicken wire, but it actually has special characteristics that seal the stucco mixture to it, making the mesh and the coatings a solid component.

    The stucco is applied wet and it then hardens into a dense finish. This provides a weather-resistant barrier over a home, multi-family dwelling, apartment or commercial building. The end result is highly water resistant and structurally sound. 
    Stucco can provide numerous design options, as textured finishes and a variety of colors can be added to the final coat of stucco mixture, allowing you to choose the look you desire for your building, walls or ceilings.

    NYC Stucco Repair Pros are the top stucco contractors in NYC, and can handle the traditional three-step stucco application for new structures, or for stucco repair.
    Some of the benefits of traditional stucco include its beautiful finished look; it’s an affordable option for homeowners and business owners; and, it’s ideal for adding decorative elements like texture and color, livening up any structure.

    Traditional stucco is also relatively easy to repair by an expert who knows stucco. Any kind of remediation of an existing stucco structure can be looked after by NYC Stucco Repair Pros. 
    However, stucco installation and repair has to be done properly, or you risk a bigger remediation job. If it’s handled incorrectly, stucco can be prone to cracking. Or, if it’s not applied properly, water can get into traditional stucco and cause cracking, peeling and chipping. There’s even the danger of structural damage. 
    Don’t let those risks discourage you, however. When a three-coat traditional stucco installation is handled properly, like an installation or repair by the experts at NYC Stucco Repair Pros, it can provide years of beauty and durability.

    Here are some of the advantages of traditional stucco

    NYC Stucco Repair Pros will work with you to ensure your new stucco installation, or stucco repair, is done to the highest standards and beauty. Trust us with your traditional stucco application.

    New Stucco Toe, One Coat Stucco

    Stucco is a popular and attractive siding choice for homes and commercial buildings. Stucco provides an insulated and durable covering that can be customized with texture and colors.

    One type of stucco that is gaining in popularity is the new stucco type, or One Coat Stucco. This is a different type of application than the traditional or three coat stucco system.

    One type of stucco that is gaining in popularity is the new stucco type, or One Coat Stucco. This is a different type of application than the traditional or three coat stucco system.

    This new stucco type utilizes the foam backing in place of the scratch coat that is used in three coat stucco. It’s then covered by a cement that is reinforced with fiberglass. This single coat is a blend of Portland cement with sand and fibers, as well as water.
    The single coat stucco is applied over a rigid Styrofoam board, eliminating one of the cement layers in the traditional stucco application process. The foam board and lath provides insulation as well as reducing the time needed between coats of stucco.
    There is still a top coat added, however, which can be customized with different types of textures and colors, allowing you to make your home uniquely yours. 
    Compared to the traditional three coat stucco method, the one coat process does take less time, with the same benefits provided by the three step process. 

    When installed properly, those benefits to the one coat stucco process include:

    Low maintenance is another advantage to stucco, reducing the overall cost over the lifecycle of the siding. 

    However, the one coat process is thinner than the alternative, so it’s important to consult an expert to determine what’s best for your stucco repair or installation. And the best stucco repair contractors are NYC Stucco Repair Pros.

    Whether you need stucco on a new building, a new installation over existing siding, or you require stucco repair, we will work with you to determine the options for your home, office or commercial building. We can help you understand the benefits of stucco as a siding option, and the pros and cons of the different stucco systems. 

    With NYC Stucco Repair Pros, you know you’ll get the best installers of an one coat stucco system, or repairs to an existing stucco siding. Contact us today to find out more.


    Exterior Insulation and Finish System, EIFS stucco

    Stucco is an excellent choice as a siding for homes, multi-family dwellings, office buildings and commercial structures. There are different types of stucco applications from which to choose. One of the choices is Exterior Insulation and Finishing System stucco, or EIFS stucco. This is a different kind of application than traditional stucco, which uses natural ingredients like Portland cement and limestone applied over a mesh base. 

    EIFS stucco uses layers that are composed of synthetic material. It’s effective for new installation or stucco repair on exterior walls that have been damaged.
    EIFS or synthetic stucco was first used in Europe after World War 2, because it was effective at repairing the buildings damaged in the war. EIFS was an efficient reconstruction product for brick, stone and concrete. EIFS was then used in the United States in the 1960s. While it started as a finish for commercial buildings, it is now used on any type of structure, including family homes.

    The EIFS application usually involves six layers:

    1. A base coat, which is optional, that forms a water-resistant barrier.
    2. Insulation boards on the supporting structures.
    3. Foam insulation boards on the exterior walls.
    4. A base coat of acrylic or polymer cement type of material.
    5. Mesh applied onto the base to reinforce it.
    6. A textured finish or top coat.


    With EIFS systems that include layers such as water-resistant barriers, the end result is often a better insulated siding than traditional stucco. 
    Stucco contractors have to handle the application process properly, however, or there are some risks to EIFS stucco repair. For instance, because the EIFS layers bond together to form a covering, any moisture that gets behind the layers will be trapped. The layers don’t breathe, so they need to be sealed to any type of moisture. 
    As well, openings such as doors and windows need to be sealed properly to avoid any kind of seepage caused by water getting behind the EIFS stucco. The installer has to handle items like storm drains and gutters, to ensure water drains away from the building. Finally, the installer also has to make sure anything that protrudes from the home, such as light fixtures, are sealed to prevent moisture seepage. 
    Those concerns are not an issue when you hire NYC Stucco Repair Pros, the top stucco repair contractors in NYC.

    When EIFS application is done properly, either for a new application or for stucco repair, it can provide the following benefits: 

    With that in mind, it is imperative that you choose a quality installer. The process of EIFS application is complicated, with multiple layers, so it has to be done by an expert. In particular, an improper installation could lead to water damage in the near future.
    To find out more about the benefits of a quality EIFS stucco application, contact NYC Stucco Repair Pros for new installation, or stucco repair of exterior walls that have been damaged.

    Stucco vs Plaster

    The terms stucco and plaster are often used interchangeably, but they aren’t quite the same thing.
    While they are often composed of the same materials, the simplest way to differentiate between the two is that stucco is meant for exterior finishes and plaster is intended for interior finishes.
    Stucco is most often a blend of Portland cement, with sand, fibers and water. There is also synthetic stucco, such as the multi-layered EIFS system. The top coat of stucco can be customized with different textures and colors, and provides a durable and long-lasting finish on the outside of a building.
    Plaster, on the other hand, is usually gypsum based. It is a bit softer than stucco, but provides lasting durability on the inside of a home or office. 
    There are some similarities between the two. For instance, stucco and plaster both provide excellent sound insulation. They can both be applied to a smooth finish, or many different textured looks. And both can be customized with different colors.

    Eifs vs Stucco

    Traditional stucco and the more modern EIFS stucco (External Insulation and Finishing Systems) are both stucco coverings for the outside of buildings, but with some differences.

    Stucco is typically Portland cement mixed with sand, water and fibers. It’s applied to your home using a one coat or three coat process, basically forming a cement covering on the building.

    EIFS stucco comprises multiple layers of synthetic to cover buildings. It usually has up to six layers, including a water-resistant base, insulation boards, acrylic or polymer cement, a mesh reinforcement, and a textured finish or top coat.

    Before determining what’s best for your home or building, contact NYC Stucco Repair Pros, the top Stucco Contractors in NYC.

    Fog Coat vs Paint Stucco

    If you’re looking into covering your stucco building with a new color, you’re likely wondering about fog coat vs. paint.
    Fog coat stucco is a covering that is made out of Portland cement, lime and some pigmented color that is matched to the existing stucco covering. It can only be applied over traditional stucco or other cement-based finishes. It’s not intended to be used over synthetic coverings.
    Paint, on the other hand, can be applied on almost any type of surface, including stucco or synthetic EIFS coverings, as long as you are using the correct type of paint.
    Before embarking on any kind of painting project with your stucco building, it’s best to check with expert stucco contractors like NYC Stucco Repair Pros.

    What is Stucco?

    Anyone looking to finish a new home or revitalize an existing building should consider the beauty and durability of stucco.
    But we often use the term stucco without fully understanding what it is. Let’s take a look at this excellent home siding product.

    What is stucco made of?

    Traditional stucco is composed of Portland cement, limestone, sand, and water, applied in three steps, using a trowel, over a base layer of mesh and paper. There is also a one coat stucco that utilizes a styrofoam backing in place of one of the stucco coats used in the traditional process.  And then there is the Exterior Insulation and Finishing System (EIFS) stucco, which combines synthetic layers to cover a building. 

    Why stucco?

    So, why stucco? When installed properly, stucco will provide a solid shield on your building. There are many benefits, from durability to fire resistance, insulation and protection from the elements, to water resistance and sound proofing properties. Plus it offers design versatility, as it can be customized with different textures and colors.

    Why does stucco crack?

    While stucco provides an attractive and durable finish, there are times that stucco will crack. This is most common when the stucco isn’t prepared properly or it isn’t installed properly. 

    For instance, the mixture of Portland cement with other elements may be done incorrectly, or the stucco coat is applied inconsistently, making some spots thinner than others. When the building settles or the weather changes, these errors will show up in the form of cracks, sometimes bad enough to cause water damage or worse.

    That’s why it’s imperative to choose an expert at stucco installation and repair, such as NYC Stucco Repair Pros.

    How much does stucco repair cost?

    There are different factors that play into the cost of stucco repair. Those can include the size of the building, the extent of the damage, any inspection or permitting costs, and others. 
    Stucco is an excellent investment, however, as it will protect your structure for years to come. It’s also a low maintenance option once installed, reducing the overall cost over the lifecycle of the siding. 
    If you need to know more about stucco repair, or installation of new stucco siding, contact NYC Stucco Repair Pros.